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Islamic Cultural Association (Hong Kong) Academic

  Conference at CUHK
Forum at CityU
Global Political Economy Forum
"When HK meets Islam Economic Opportumities and Challenges…"

HK has the strengths and capabilities to develop its Islamic financial services.
Internationsal Relations Research Programme of CUHK, Governance in Asia
Research Centre, City University of HK, Hong Kong International Relations
Research Association, Roundtable Community & Islam Culture Association(HK)
are co-organising the Forum for the scholars, researchers and students.
Forum on 2 May, 2009 at The City University of Hong Kong
1."Fundamental of Islamic Economy" By Prof.Salah Eldeen Soltan, Professor of Islamic Culture, Gulf University in Bahrain; Professor in Islamic Jurisprudence Faculty of Dar Al-'Ulum(Islamic Science), Cairo University in Egypt; Shari'ah Consultant of High Council for Islamic Affairs.
2."Fundamental of Islamic Finance" By Dr.Abdullah Rizk Al Muzaini, Assistant Professor of Department of Shariah and Law, International Islamic University in Pakistan.
3."Islamic Bond in Hong Kong" By Mr.Stephen Wong, Instuctor of Master of Global Political Economics(MGPE) Programme in CUHK.He served as a Managing Dirctor, Head of Asia Pacific Structural Credit Derviatives.


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