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  Spreading the beauty of Islam



The 21st edition of the HKTDC marks the third time the Islamic Cultural Association is taking part in the Hong Kong Book Fair. This year we are pleased to see many people of both Muslim and non-Muslim faith come visit our booth seeking knowledge about Islam and wanting to find out more information on Islamic cultural. We are also delighted to see people who enjoy reading and are interested in discovering the message in the Quran.

Just as last year, we are happy to work with the Serving Islam Team and provide more good books both in English and Chinese. These books are then divided into different sections such as Religion, Comparative, Science, Children’s books, Culture and Literature, Social Events, and so on. We also introduce many good Doctrine and Hadith books and encourage people to explore the truth about Islam.

During the book fair, we observed that people from different backgrounds, different religious groups, and from a wide range of age (from 14 to over 50), are sharing common goals in developing an integrated personality through attitudinal change and behavioral modification and making a peaceful world through unity of religions.

The visitors are happy with our volunteers’ friendly attitude and want to share their religion views with us. We believe that better communication means better understanding. The best-selling book “Understanding Islam” had been sold so many copies to non-Muslim people. The book fair result is positive and encouraging; we will learn from our past experience and keep our effort to make another successful book fair next year. Our aim is to continue spreading the beauty and the wisdom of Islam.

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