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About us

Islamic culture boasts a comprehensive, elaborate system which can be traced back to 1,400 year ago. Islamic civilization has played an essential role in the development of human civilization, linking the old with the new and bridging the East & the West.Its far-reaching influence is still felt today. At present there are ten minority race in China embracing the Islamic faith. Statistics show that Muslims number more than 20 million in the country. And another 200,000 Muslims comprising various races are found in Hong Kong as well.

Islamic Cultural Association (Hong Kong) was formed in 2004 and became a government-approved charitable institution (File Number: 91/10103). The association is committed to promoting Islamic culture, enhancing Islamic education in many areas as well as promoting exchanges between Islamic culture and other cultures.

Islamic Cultural Association is solely funded by donations. You are most welcome to contribute to the association by sending in your donation.

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    441 Lockhart Road, Lockhart House (Tower A) 14/F., Flat A4